Peephole Journal: SundanceTV’s Rectify Rigs Its Air Dancer Still


After a strange morning of waking up early and sneaking out of his house, like a teenager, Daniel is hitchhiking through his home town of Paulie without a clear destination. Air dancer to the left, street sign to the right. Both are framed by the car windshield that Daniel is looking out of when he spots them. Which should he turn to for direction? Despite the scepticism of his companion and driver, the Goat Man, for Daniel Holden the answer is obvious. The tyre store that the air dancer waves in front of is empty. Something, or someone, is keeping people away from this business, just as strongly as Daniel is being drawn to it. Are the people of Paulie, Georgia too jaded and distrusting of the air dancer’s warning red hue, or is Daniel too innocent, seeing a red reminiscent of the falsely accused during McCarthyism? A lonely figure that becomes the central image of SundanceTV’s Rectify‘s first season episode “Drip, Drip,” the air dancer reflects a small, southern town set to boiling at Daniel’s unexpected return and the consequences of being true to yourself in constantly tense conditions.

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