My Dream Emmy Ballot 2016: “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series”

Here is what the “Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” category would look like if I was in charge of the Emmys (unfortunately, you can only nominate six people).

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Lamorne Morris (Winston Bishop, New Girl)

– Ike Barinholtz (Morgan Tookers, The Mindy Project)

– Pete Gardner (Darryl Whitefeather, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

– Tony Hale (Gary Walsh, Veep)

– Jeremy Allen White (Lip Gallagher, Shameless)

– Titus Burgess (Titus Andromedon, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)


Runner-Up: Jaime Camil (Rogelio De La Vega, Jane the Virgin)

Winston, the character, has gone through a lot of changes. Lamorne Morris’ ability to make the sweet, cat-loving prankster hilarious—constant. This year, actor and character were gifted with more ongoing storylines and the results—Winston’s rising career as a cop (no, I don’t know how that happened either but it’s more fun when you accept it) and new status as romantic lead—made season five the season of Winston. And when it’s the season of Winston, what else can you do but grab your nearest bird shirt and celebrate?


And let the debates begin! Do you agree with my choices? Disagree? Voice your thoughts in the comments below and organize your own nominee list using the  official Emmy ballot.

Also be sure to check back July 14th when the official nominees get announced.

(P.S. No worries if your choices are long shots (certainly many of mine are).  but it’s nice to pretend they have a chance anyway.)


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