My Dream Emmy Ballot 2016: “Outstanding Guest Actors and Actresses in a Comedy and Drama Series”

Here are what the “Outstanding Guest Actors and Actresses in a Comedy and Drama Series” categories would look like if I was in charge of the Emmys (unfortunately, you can only nominate six).

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

Noel Fisher (Mickey Milkovich, Shameless)

2016 Emmy Awards Nominating Ballots

– Adam Pally (Peter Prentice, The Mindy Project)

– Bob Newhart (Arthur, The Big Bang Theory)

– Mark Duplass (Brendan Deslaurier, The Mindy Project)

– Allen Maldonado (Honey Nutz, You’re the Worst)

– Kevin Sussman (Stuart Bloom, The Big Bang Theory)


Runner-Up: Seth Green (Jared, Broad City)

His limited presence in season six may not make for the best representation but, as much for previous seasons as this one, Noel Fisher wins this category for one incredible character arc.

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

Patty Duke (Grandma Janice/Great Aunt Hilary, Liv and Maddie)

– Rhea Perlman (Annette Castellano, The Mindy Project)

– Rita Moreno (Liliana, Jane the Virgin)

– Carrie Fisher (Mia, Catastrophe)

– Ava Acres (Young Rebecca, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

– Gina Gallego (Miss. Hernandez, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)


Runner-Up: Michael Hyatt (Dr. Akopian, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

If Patty Duke hadn’t passed away earlier this year this probably would’ve been a toss-up between Perlman, Moreno, and Fisher. Given the excuse to recognize her career, on- and off-screen, however, I’ll take it. Liv and Maddie is the kind of Disney show I would’ve loved to watch growing up, and the part makes a cute nod to Patty Duke’s earlier dual role as look-alike cousins on The Patty Duke Show.

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

Oliver Hudson (Jeff Fordham, Nashville)

– Cameron Monaghan (Jerome Valeska, Gotham)

– Graham McTavish (Dougal MacKenzie, Outlander)

– Paul Reubens (Elijah Van Dahl, Gotham)

– B.D. Wong (Hugo Strange, Gotham)

– Josh Charles (Will Gardner, The Good Wife)


Runner-Up: Ryan Hurst (Chick Hogan, Bates Motel)

There was a time when I would’ve loved to see Jeff Fordham off of Nashville.  The caricature villain ready to be hated (almost too much so), somewhere along the way Oliver Hudson gave him layers, in a turnaround that was as remarkable as it was unexpected.

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

Annet Mahendru (Nina Krilova, The Americans)

– Carol Kane (Gertrude Kapelput, Gotham)

– Patti LuPone (The Cut-Wife/Joan Clayton, Penny Dreadful)

– Allison Janney (Margaret Scully, Masters of Sex)

– Natasha Lyonne (Nicky Nichols, Orange is the New Black)

– Stockard Channing (Veronica Loy, The Good Wife)


Runner-Up: Laurie Metcalf (Sarah, Horace and Pete)

Nina’s unknown loyalties should have become tiresome, even as her storyline required her to be separated from most of the cast the last two seasons, yet this never was the case. Annet Mahendru’s time on the show is over but her character (and the way in which she left) will not soon be forgotten, by characters (Oleg, Stan) or fans.



And let the debates begin! Do you agree with my choices? Disagree? Voice your thoughts in the comments below and organize your own nominee list using the  official Emmy ballot.

Also be sure to check back July 14th when the official nominees get announced.

(P.S. No worries if your choices are long shots (certainly many of mine are).  but it’s nice to pretend they have a chance anyway.)

-pictures screencapped from the 2016 Emmy Awards Performer Nominating Ballot



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