The Odyssey Online- Seventh Issue

Karaoke: As Fun As It Looks?

Why singing covers in front of an audience sounds so appealing to me.

The Odyssey Online

I have never karaoke-d.

Correction: There was one karaoke but it was elementary school and I don’t remember the actual singing part, only the picking of the song–“Wild Thing” or “American Pie” because I didn’t recognize any of the rest.

It’s not like Everest, either. I’m sure I wouldn’t have to look far to find a bar or restaurant that hosted a karaoke night or catered to the teleprompter lyric reading crowd. Yet I guess I’m still waiting for the perfect moment. Because, whatever bad or cheesy rep this activity sometimes receives, there are so many reasons to want to give it a try! Here are only a few of the endless possibilities karaoke has to offer:

Antagonize your enemies, with a friendly warning

or simply your coworkers, through serenade.

Help yourself get over a break-up

or start the reconciliation process.

For those times when you need to get more information

or maybe just wanna have fun

…there is nothing a person can’t accomplish with a song in their heart, a mic in their hand, and the words scrolling by in front of them.

So far the only thing that’s prevented me from belting out tunes like nobody’s watching (except they are) is lack of opportunity. However, should a karaoke machine and I ever share the same space, I hope I have the nerve to put my voice out there. Or at least a friend willing to sign me up behind my back.

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