The Odyssey Online- Sixth Issue

5 Reasons To Watch “Mr. Robot,” From A Person Who Almost Missed It

Why USA Network’s summer hit is the perfect show to catch-up on this fall

The Odyssey Online

I love the feeling of getting excited about a new show–becoming obsessed with its characters, writing the title in cursive bubble letters through all my notebooks, creating acrostic poems about it to shake myself awake from waves of tiredness that hit me during class.

That feeling means the world to me and I cling to it all the more whenever a fresh discovery coincides with the start of a new semester. For while my old stalwart shows have been proven to offer much comfort during those rough readjustment periods, there’s a special power that derives from finding a new series that always serves to get me through the tougher aspects of returning to academia.

This thrill is manifold when you don’t see the find coming. After watching the official trailer for Sam Esmail’s “Mr. Robot,” I didn’t think the show would be for me. The computer world has never been my favorite subject matter (“The Social Network,” “Silicon Valley”–the latter especially has a great roster of comedians to its cast–never personally clicked). But then I started reading the rave reviews about how the show was completely breaking the USA Network’s mold of lighthearted, detective whodunits, and how star Rami Malek was knocking it out of the park with his riveting lead performance as Elliot Alderson. I got intrigued and one day, after all 10 episodes had already aired and were available OnDemand, I turned on the pilot. Five minutes in, I was ready to jump around the room with glee. Here was a show that took would-be clichés like the socially awkward hacker who hates “the Man” (or in this case Evil Corp) and managed to make them freshly realized, with an unusual visual perspective that gave an added layer of complexity to every scene. I had hit TV gold and you can, too. Here are five reasons you should consider watching “Mr. Robot.”
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The Odyssey Online- Fifth Issue

I Really Want to Learn to Dance

But my legs won’t go in the right direction.

The Odyssey Online

Usually dancing, even in public, is one of the few activities where my self-consciousness doesn’t get in the way. It’s one of the main reasons I love dancing. It’s probably the only reason I ever tolerate parties — access to dance floors.

Turns out there’s a big difference between ‘dancing’ and ‘learning to dance’ and it’s both incredible and frustrating.
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The Odyssey Online- Fourth Issue

The 2015 Alterna-Emmy Awards

From Theme Songs to Title Cards, Here’s A Look at the Best of TV’s Most Taken For Granted Features

The Odyssey Online

While some of these categories actually do exist in the real Emmy Awards, you’ll never see their winners announced during the Live telecast on Sept. 20. In honor of those stalwart constants of every episode, here’s an unofficial award show devoted entirely to them.

Rules: While any parallel awards with the actual Emmys (like the one for theme song) were taken into consideration, the only requirement for Alterna-Emmy nominees was that they be from shows currently on the air or just ended (as in eligible for this year’s award ceremonies, regardless of whether ultimately unfairly snubbed).

Let the show begin!
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The Odyssey Online- Third Issue

Editor’s Notes Come in Threes

Three Things I Know to Expect This Fall

The Odyssey Online

I’ve been doing pretty well at avoiding knowing the date all summer. The month is a little tougher to master, especially when there are calendars to flip. Every September the anxiety held at bay during August gets released. It can be the daunting task of packing for college as a resident student that holds you hostage (a process which Megan guides us through in “The Eight Stages of Packing for College”) or the knowledge that you’ve set yourself up for a heavy workload (as Tianna discusses in “Confessions of an Unintentional Workaholic”). Personally, here’s what I know to expect this fall:

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