Online Submission #16

To Fight or Not to Fight: OC Edition [S1 Spoilers]


Maybe it’s unevolved of me to say, but sometimes it is very cathartic to see a jerk get punched on television. Given that I’ve never punched or seen anyone get punched in real life, can’t say that it would be as amusing (not to mention painless and quick-healing) off-screen. But wanted to? Yeah, on occasion my imagination has lighted on the idea of getting into a victorious tussle with an infuriating opponent. Only fists, mind you, and never hospitalization level, but maybe a black eye to make them reconsider their… well, has failed to provide me with a proper adjective that has the same punch as a curse word so I’ll let you fill in the blank… ways.

Being truthful, I am very fortunate at the low number of violent encounters I’ve met with. Still, if one is to keep their hands to themselves they will need an outlet for releasing all that bottled up anger from doing the right thing.

Little would I have guessed one of those current outlets would be The OC. Thanks to a recent Amazon Deal of the Week, the complete series box set has been a source of vast entertainment these last few weeks. The show initially caught my attention because of its two leads. Before Ben McKenzie played heroic cops on Southland and now Gotham he was Ryan Atwood, the smart teen from Chino who has his life radically altered after his lawyer’s rich family takes him in from a broken home. Adam Brody (Gilmore GirlsDave Rygalski) plays that family’s comic book loving skateboarder son, who has never fit in with the rest of his peers but immediately takes to his pool house’s new occupant.

There’s a lot to enjoy about this California-set soap but what I would soon discover is it’s not an episode of The OC unless someone’s falling down from a hit to the face. So far there’s been a definite lack of gender equality in who gets to do the honors (I’m still waiting for Rachel Bilson’s Summer Roberts to have her day in season two). Also, if these clips start to look like Ryan Atwood B-roll, that’s understandable given he’s the one who usually finds himself getting into, or initiating, these combative scenarios. Still, one unexpected benefit from getting to watch all of these fights go down for various reasons and in various locations is you begin to recognize when exchanging blows is called for and when it would’ve been better resolved another way elsewhere. So, without further ado, here’s a new segment I like to call: To Fight or Not to Fight: OC Edition. Continue reading